The current crises and the inevitability of socialism

The constituency of socialism is the working class. The working class in various stages of advance are clamoring for change, whether they currently are inundated with right wing lies or with illusions in reformism. The “centrist” “moderate” line of the bourgeoisie – “nothing to see here” – has been made absurd by the experiences of the past two decades.

The population is told the lie that the working class is flourishing under conditions where instead the rich have grown only more obscenely rich while the vast majority of the population has suffered further economic blows. This lie has imparted not complacency in the working class – but suspicion.

With growing clarity, the working class is discovering that the enemy is the bourgeois establishment. The news is not trusted. Politicians are not trusted. Old assumptions are fading into the ether. No matter that this sometimes expresses itself in an admiration for demagogues of the right and left – what matters is that the bourgeois line is no longer socially acceptable.

The lies of the right and left are not sustainable and are ready to give way amid changing developments. A sudden crisis promises a swift reckoning between the demagogues and the populace. The Sanders wave as well as the Trump wave promise wreckage upon new facts, new experiences and the weight of all past lessons.

The time draws near where the working class will be thrust into action against the impositions of the bourgeoisie. The working class will be set against the bourgeoisie’s singular incapacity for rule.

For the bourgeoisie have reached a stage where they are incapable of offering the most meager reforms and only can guarantee the demolition of past gains of the working class. In no way can this situation endure.

The bourgeoisie can only react to the breakdown of their system with the enacting of authoritarianism and the outbreak of war. Global crisis and imperialist war promise to leave not a stone standing of the bourgeois order.

On top of that an environmental and humanitarian crisis looms. The only realistic way forward is the abolition of capitalism and the institution of the planned economic and cooperative resolution of the current challenges facing humanity.

The advanced sections of the working class will come up against the status quo, but the backward sections will be drawn there too. It is inevitable that the socialist revolution will come sooner than later. There is nothing left of past capacity for placating the working class in the rusted out toolbox of the bourgeoisie.

The bourgeoisie has only their control of the armed violence and other appendages of the state left to halt the revolt of the working class. The plainness of all this is expressed across the political spectrum, across geographical and cultural lines, as the working class is generally disposed to hostility against the status quo, disbelief in the narrative of the ruling class and pessimism in regards to the potential of capitalist society.

The bourgeoisie has been forced to introduce a fake socialism into the political vocabulary to hijack the natural process of the working class arriving at this concept on its own. The bourgeoisie has been forced by the working class to accelerate the tear down of the old system of fraud democracy.

Not only is this a bourgeois process, but a worker driven process. The facade has outlived its usefulness for all classes. The ruling class has lost confidence in itself. It realizes its impotence. At conference after conference, in campaign after campaign, it realizes its promises are false and its solutions to dire global challenges are impossible under capitalism. The bourgeoisie limps into oblivion.

For all its apparent strength, the bourgeoisie has already lost control of the working class. For all its self-congratulating, it has lost control of new global developments. For all of its militancy, it is vexed by the impossibility of settling the antagonisms of the factions of world imperialism.

The future is for the working class, the economy is a foundation only for the success of socialism, global catastrophes have their only resolution in internationalism. The impossibility of capitalism is palpable even to capitalists. All the centuries of grand invocations of the power of capitalism have been reduced to the most temporary and individual pleas of the greedy and self-interested.

The bourgeoisie fail to delude even themselves with the wish that their future generations will be able to survive the brave new world of every nation and every man for himself.

Naked capitalism is a skeleton. The muscles of economic and military power need nourishment from actual wealth and actual growth. Capitalism going forward can provide nothing. It is doomed to extinction as a system one way or another.

The human spirit however, transcends the flimsy claim economy imposed upon it and will emerge from the conflict between capitalism and humanity with the human spirit victorious. The solution is not socialist for ideological reasons, but for practical reasons, for obvious reasons, as a natural reaction. Socialism is born of the failure of capitalism. And the failure of capitalism is assured. 


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