The Correct Reply to the Insufferable Warmongers

Is it blithe idiocy which prevents the “liberal” warmongers from recognizing the progression of US imperialism over the last 30 years? Selective amnesia? Is it a two-working-crayons cartoonish political and historical illiteracy that craters their ability to understand the situation at hand? An unpleasant return to 1914-style children’s delusions about the joys of World War has been fostered by the US political and media establishment. It has been well prepared. Taking as its primordial base the Russophobia and Sinophobia of the Red Scare and the Cold War, it was updated with the Russiagate liberal conspiracy theories of the 2016-2020 period. Conspiracy theories no less out of their mind than anything that the nutcase right spewed out. 

All the old pearl clutching absurdities about a “new Hitler” previously used to push the pedal on wars in regards to Milosevich, Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad are rehashed to use against Putin. In Congress, the corrupt actor and weapons money launderer Zelensky sickly proclaims Russians to be inhuman. Biden says “there are no red lines” on what the US is ready to do to push Russia against the wall.

Make no mistake, the US is the instigator of this war. Washington sponsored and planned a color revolution in Ukraine in 2014 (the most recent of many, many such interventions over the past 30 years) and spent the mean time arming Ukraine to the teeth, integrating their own armed forces, weaponry and intelligence with that of Ukraine’s right wing regime’s supply of human cannon fodder. 

When Ukraine pivoted from the Minsk agreement and proclaimed its intentions to recapture Crimea, Donbas and join NATO – the Minsk agreement and such chatter which Angela Merkel admits now was merely in place to give more time to arm Ukraine – the Russians recklessly took the bait and walked into the killing fields of an intractable quagmire. They are unable to extradite themselves from this situation as the US and its NATO allies use the Ukraine war as a cheap means of destroying Russia’s military in the hopes of ultimately dismembering it and using its territory to further surround China, a concurrent target of US imperialism. 

There is nothing worth defending about the Russian regime’s reactionary and dangerous attempt to preserve itself. The attempt to do so however was inevitable and the outcome was planned by Washington. Russia economically has a 20th of the GDP of NATO, more on par with a minor NATO country like Turkey than with the richer Western European countries. An economy, moreover, much more reliant and based in natural resources than actual financial or industrial power. Its military is limited, outdated and poorly trained. It has faced 30 years of the United States pushing east toward its borders, until it was completely surrounded. 

The propaganda lie that Russia wants to “reconstruct the USSR” is disgustingly absurd and out of step with any reality. Moscow has no means to even begin to pursue such a policy. Meanwhile, the US definitely is retreading footsteps of the Ostplan, attempting to break up Russia into raw export semi-colonies for the West. 

Russia’s attempts to put up red lines has been a catastrophe. The US is completely determined to break the back of the Russian nation. The US is willing to see rivers of blood flow to accomplish this. The willingness of the Ukrainian oligarchical regime to use their nations soldiers and country as cannon fodder and a base for US operations saves the US buckets of money in accomplishing their mission to assert their flagging dominance over the world economy and geopolitical situation. Make no mistake, this offensive will continue into Russia proper and not end until Russia is subjugated. The liberal warmongers cheer and cry tears of maniacal joy at all this bloodshed in the name of B movie scripting by the western media. Opportunism is everywhere, opposition is laser targeted and punished immediately. Those who aren’t overwhelmed by the pathological narratives of the State Department are scared into silence by the oppressive atmosphere. This is why so few prominent figures have spoken out against the proxy war or called it by its real name. A similar strategy is already being prepared to draw out China into a catastrophic war of its own. 

The US, which has for centuries has never had to fight a war on its own soil, and Western Europe, which follows the tail of the US, has in the last three years seen millions of their citizens die in a murderous policy of mass infection and indifference to Covid-19. The casualties of a nuclear exchange are no more fretted over by the capitalist elites of these countries. The policy documents of the last ten years have been geared to “great power competition” and the “winnable” nature of “tactical nuclear exchanges.” The decision has already been made to employ these means to prop US capitalism.

So what is the solution? We will not lie or compromise with the brainless mental cowardice of the petty bourgeoisie and the liberal hangers on of US capitalism. The task of workers and socialists is to unite internationally and end the war by overthrowing the capitalists regimes of A) the NATO countries B) those nations it considers its enemies, such as Russia and China C) those nations, like Ukraine, who are its proxies. We don’t care about preserving capitalism in any country, we don’t stand for patriotism in any country, we don’t celebrate capitalist war, we don’t respect the borders or planning or intrigues of capitalist governments. We seek to overthrow the capitalist world order and break the resistance of its capitalist rulers to world peace. This is only possible through socialist revolution. There is no other road. If the US was to “win” for now, destroying a good portion of the world, ruining Asia north and east. It would only set the stage for the next re-division of power. Like the 1930s, America is arming Europe, and inevitably Europe will come to view America as its rival, whatever the fate of Russia or China. This is the inevitable march of capitalism; greater and greater destruction and war. This is nothing to rise and applaud at. There is a good chance that, before it destroys the environment altogether, before it throws the mass of the population into third world levels of poverty and want; that the US imperialists will simply end the human race through nuclear exchange. This is the future; either endless “new Hitlers,” endless “wars for Democracy” endless “wars for Freedom” until there is not a single stone of civilization left standing, or a socialist revolution of the mass of humanity taking power from the war frenzied bourgeoisie and their paid servants in the press and academia. As for the war crazed petty bourgeoisie and the Langley puppets and bots that dominate discourse on the beginning of World War Three. We spit in their faces.


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