The Working Class and the Petty Bourgeois “Left”

The petty bourgeois “left” is infatuated with the shibboleths of bourgeois “democracy.” A “democracy” which fully serves as a de facto dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Corportist trade unions, the multi-millionaire candidates of the first or the second corporatist party and the arbitrary elections held every two to four years in the United States. The petty… Continue reading The Working Class and the Petty Bourgeois “Left”


The Approach of the Third World War

The crisis of capitalism throughout the world has accelerated the march by American imperialism toward war with the nations it considers obstacles to its continued military and financial primacy, particularly Russia and China. The world stands on the precipice of disaster.  In the 30 years since the fall of the Soviet Union, United States imperialism… Continue reading The Approach of the Third World War

The current crises and the inevitability of socialism

The constituency of socialism is the working class. The working class in various stages of advance are clamoring for change, whether they currently are inundated with right wing lies or with illusions in reformism. The “centrist” “moderate” line of the bourgeoisie - “nothing to see here” - has been made absurd by the experiences of… Continue reading The current crises and the inevitability of socialism

Marxism Against Anarchism and the Politics of Violence

Violence has no place in any legitimate socialist political program or activity. It is neither a means of revolution or a necessary feature of a revolutionary situation. Frederick Engels wrote a short introduction in 1895 to the Class Struggles in France on the ridiculousness of “street fighting” and barricades as a means to revolution, which… Continue reading Marxism Against Anarchism and the Politics of Violence

How Do Non-Marxists Percieve Marxism?

How do non-Marxists perceive Marxism? Such perception of course varies with political tradition and individual experience, but there are several important generalizations to be made in regards to this perception. Prevailing capitalist ideology operates according to an idealist outlook based primarily on explaining history through psychology (human nature). The concepts of capitalist ideology serve as… Continue reading How Do Non-Marxists Percieve Marxism?