Trotsky’s My Life

Trotsky’s My Life As A Political Weapon - Seminar Paper 4/23/13 This paper argues that Leon Trotsky’s My Life is a document that was written for the purpose of political struggle and that it successfully fulfills this role. The context of this struggle is a dispute over the legacy of the Russian Revolution (November 7,… Continue reading Trotsky’s My Life


North Korea’s Past, Present And Future: An Overview

Introduction North Korea is an anachronism in the 21st century — a country held in artificial isolation from the world economy, whose population is prevented from participating in the global community by their own government. North Koreans are forced to subordinate themselves to a small, entrenched military and political elite, which stands behind a government… Continue reading North Korea’s Past, Present And Future: An Overview

The Socialist Party and The First Red Scare

This reflection, written in November, 2009 on the 90th anniversary of the events described below and never published, explores the limits and consequences of reformism, the threat of state persecution of radicals and the history of the socialist movement. Given the current explosion of imperialism, the violation of citizen’s constitutional rights and the continued pernicious… Continue reading The Socialist Party and The First Red Scare