On Ethics

Advocates of the various religions claim that the ethical "contribution” of religion is the most pressing argument for its acceptance by society. Without religion, they argue, society is deprived of a universal “standard of ethics.”

The Worldliness Of Religion

Religion has played a preponderant role in the history of humanity. Religion remains, however, an unfathomable mystery for the positivist sciences. All the positivist sciences and each of the various outlooks of contemporary agnostic secularism share a root epistemology in common with each other and with religion. The essential marker of every approach they make… Continue reading The Worldliness Of Religion


Idealist Epistemology and Historical Idealism (2012)

Reconstructed in 2013 from journal notes from the summer of 2012, after studying Marxist and non-Marxist philosophy, including Lenin, Trotsky, Ilyenkov, Mehring, Fourth International Magazine, “Trotskyism Versus Revisionism,” and many general reference books, audio books and websites. Part 1 is especially influenced by Lenin. Part 2 is especially indebted to Mehring. PART 1 There are… Continue reading Idealist Epistemology and Historical Idealism (2012)

Capitalist Ideology and Historical Materialism (2011)

Written in the summer of 2011, informed by a close reading of Plekhanov, Labriola and other classical Marxists The social conditions of capitalist society make up the experience of members of that society. These experiences – of capitalist economic relationships, social hierarchies and cultural institutions – become crystallized in abstract concepts. The social conditions of… Continue reading Capitalist Ideology and Historical Materialism (2011)